Downton Abbey Season 3 Haiku Contest

Season 3 of the hugely popular series Downton Abbey is over, but fan excitement continues in anticipation of season 4 next year. Though Season 3 was a whirlwind of change, we challenge you to recap the entire third season in haiku. Submit your Downton Abbey Season 3 Haiku using the comments tool below. Or share on Facebook.

The best Downton Abbey Season 3 Haiku will win a complete Downton Abbey Prize Pack, including all three seasons on DVD or Blu-ray, and a “Free Bates” T-shirt. Winners will be selected by THIRTEEN staff. See complete contest rules. Deadline is Monday, Feb. 25 at midnight.

What is Haiku:  A form of Japanese poetry with a total of 17 syllables in three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables.

                  UPDATE: The contest has ended and we have a winner!

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                                                Honorable Mentions:

                                            Don’t be defeatist.
                                            It’s terribly middle class.
                                            Downton will endure.
                                                                 – Daniel D.

                                            All poor Edith hears
                                            Is Mary, Mary, Mary.
                                            The new Jan Crawley.
                                                                 – Linda O.

                                            Only on Downton:
                                            Childbirth claims more characters
                                            than does World War I
                                                                 – Susan P.

                                                                * * *