13 Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written by Carole King

As a 16-year-old from Brooklyn, singer-songwriter Carole King would bring her music to two publishing houses in Manhattan and get paid $25 for a composition that would be given to a recording artist. She soon paired professionally and in marriage with Gerry Goffin, who wrote lyrics to her melodies.

“She was simply being paid to write songs for top groups who needed songs because in those days, there were very few singer-songwriters,” said Joel Zwick, one of King’s childhood friends, in Carole King: Natural Woman in American Masters.

But that was not enough for King’s talent. Years later, she wrote, sang and recorded the Grammy Award-winning solo “Tapestry” album in 1971 with background vocals and instrumentation by James Taylor and Joni Mitchell among others.

Here are some popular songs King wrote for other artists that we thought you might be familiar with. Enjoy!

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