WNET Up Next: “Summer of ’69 – Woodstock”

August 5, 2019

In the final episode of a trio devoted to Thirteen’s “Summer of ’69” celebration, WNET Up Next takes a look at the iconic music festival that took place in August of 1969 on a farm in upstate New York.  Originally planned as a small  “Aquarian Exposition”,  Woodstock  drew hundreds of thousands of people to an event which evolved into a history making celebration  of  “peace, love and rock and roll”.  Jasmine Wilson of WNET’s Community Engagement Department joins Tom Stewart for the behind the scenes story of the  “Summer of ’69” project and describes how she was able to recruit the interviewees  heard on  the podcasts this summer., as well as on social media.  She also outlines the current activities of Community Engagement and how it expands the reach of WNET’s efforts in the larger community.

Eight  area residents  are our “witnesses to Woodstock”:  Susan and Robert Heiferman were celebrating their first anniversary and borrowed  a camp van to make the trip.  Ira Stone played as part of singer-songwriter Bert Sommer’s group and was accompanied by  his wife, Maxine.  Currently  WNETs Vice President of Human Resources, Charlene Shapiro was a Brooklyn high school student who went to Woodstock in a psychedelically painted  ’57 Chevy. Adrian Lyss, Don Stark and Drew Semon also share their Woodstock memories.

The podcast closes with Ira and Maxine Stone’s rendition of Bert Sommer’s “Jennifer”,  a song  heard on the opening night of Woodstock.  On PBS,   American  Experience  is airing several  sixties -related programs including Woodstock:  Three Days That Defined a Generation and Summer of Love.   American Masters is presenting a look at the life of   Janis Joplin.  Many  of the “Summer of ’69”  programs are  available for streaming at PBS.org and for station members on Thirteen Passport.  For more information, check out:


Recorded at WNET Audio C – July 30, 2019

Audio Engineering:  Josh Broome

Editor:  Samantha Lobo

Host/Producer:  Tom Stewart

Executive Producer:  Daena McBride

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