WNET Up Next: “Summer of ’69 – Stonewall”

June 28, 2019

In conjunction with WNET”s Summer of ’69 celebration, WNET Up Next launches a three-episode series with a focus on the Stonewall riots.  Stonewall is the shorthand for the celebrated Greenwich village event which propelled the struggle for gay rights  to a new level of activism and national consciousness. First, host Tom Stewart talks with WNET’s Senior Director of Community Engagement Chris Czajka about the summer-long effort.  Three major events are in the spotlight:  Stonewall, which took place in late June of 1969;  NASA’s manned moon landing of the Apollo 11 spacecraft in July of that year;  and Woodstock, the music festival held in August of 1969,  which has an iconic place in the history of American popular culture.

The centerpiece of the podcast  offers  recollections of four New Yorkers,  then and now,   whose lives were intimately involved with  Stonewall.   Martin Boyce, Tom McLoughlin,and Victoria Cruz were all  participants and witnesses to the actual event.   Graeme Davis was just a youngster, but his life was also deeply affected .    Each of the subjects reveals where they were in the summer of 1969, and how Stonewall  changed their lives and the quest for gay rights.   WNET’s  Katie Young conducted the original interviews which will also be featured in “Summer of ’69” segments for broadcast and social media.

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Recorded at WNET’s Audio C on June 18, 2019

Audio recording and mixing:  Josh Broome

Editing:  Samantha Lobo

Producer/Host:  Tom Stewart

Executive Producer:  Daena McBride

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