WNET Up Next: Stephanie Carter, Secrets of the Dead

September 27, 2018

Stephanie Carter, the Executive Producer of the very popular science-based PBS series “Secrets of the Dead” sits down with Tom Stewart to discuss the series and her career in public media.

“Secrets of the Dead”  will begin its new season on PBS on Wednesday evening October 3rd at 10PM.  “The Woman in the Iron Coffin”  is a fascinating story  combining many elements to reveal the identity of an African-American woman from Queens, New York who died of smallpox in 1850.

Stephanie also talks about one of her favorite “Secrets” episode from past seasons:  “Resurrecting Richard III”.  The king’s body was discovered a few years ago buried in what is now a parking lot in England.  The film presents  evidence, that despite his spinal curvature,  Richard III could, indeed, have been an armed  warrior on horseback.   Other new episodes coming up will focus on the use of amphetamines in World War II and seeking the historical basis for King Arthur.


Recorded at WNET Audio C  – August 14th, 2018

Audio Recording – Josh Broome

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Host/Producer –  Tom Stewart

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