WNET Up Next: Rafael PiRoman, Host of MetroFocus

January 11, 2018

WNET Up Next continues its focus on the three hosts of the daily news and interview program MetroFocus,  as Tom Stewart sits down for a conversation with show host Rafael PiRoman.  MetroFocus  recently celebrated its 500th episode as a a daily broadcast under the leadership of Executive Producer Dave Brown.

Rafael relates how his background as both a community and labor organizer led to  his career in broadcast journalism.  A long time presence on-the-air at WNET,  Rafael began working at the station as the anchor of Channel Thirteen’s “Bulldog Edition”,  a nightly news summary.  Later he anchored New York Stories, a weekly news series.  He has been involved with MetroFocus since its inception as a weekly broadcast in 2010 to its more recent  metamorphosis into a daily program. The show now airs on  WNET, WLIW21,  and  NJTV.

He shares his ideas on the elements that go into making a  successful interview and his  thoughts on journalistic neutrality. He has been particularly fond of his opportunities to interview notable subjects ranging from broadcaster Dick Cavett to Broadway Producer-Director Harold Prince, as well as actors  such as Monty Python members, John Cleese and Eric Idle.

In addition  to its broadcast schedule the content of MetroFocus is available online at www.MetroFocus.org., and in the form of the MetroFocus app, and MetroFocus podcast.

Previously,  WNET Up Next spoke with Rafael’s colleague Jenna Flanagan.  Coming soon,  a visit with the program’s third host, Jack Ford.

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Recorded at WNET Audio C – December 7th, 2017

Audio Recording and Post Production – Jonathan Berman

Host/Producer – Tom Stewart

Post-Production Assistant – Dylan deJongh

Executive Producer – Daena McBride