WNET Up Next: ” Kids’ Media and Education” – Sandra Sheppard

June 17, 2020

In this time of global pandemic, WNET’s Kids’ Media and Education Department, led by Executive Producer and Director Sandra Sheppard,  has provided expanded services to the community,  particularly in the form of several instructional strands for school age children.  In association with the New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Educational Association,  Kid’s Media has presented a four hour  daily block of instructional  programs for grades three through six featuring a group of  charismatic teachers  hosting the programs. The New York City Education Department’s  Office of Early Childhood has been providing “Lets Learn NYC”, a two hour block broadcast on Thirteen with content for younger children from pre-K to second grade.  Efforts will continue over the summer with “Camp TV”.  In addition to these broadcast ventures, Sandra shares with host Tom Stewart news  about online projects including a series of “Nature” videos on  Tik-Tok  and First Person in the Classroom, which is producing webinars and profiles in service to  the LGBTQ community.

Work also continues on “Cyberchase”, the long running children’s math series, and the online project “Mission US”.  Sandra credits both her team for making all of these things possible and  WNET with providing the resources to make working from home relatively seamless.  She also reflects on the positive aspects of this challenging time, referring to the many new and positive relationships that are being forged with educators and other partners.

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Recorded on May  21,  2020                    Mixed on June 9, 2020

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