WNET Up Next: ALL ARTS – Diane Masciale & Joe Harrell

February 1, 2019

ALL ARTS, WNET’s new broadcast and streaming platform dedicated to arts and culture has just had it’s premiere  as a broadcast entity.  In this episode of WNET UP Next, host Tom Stewart is joined by Diane Masciale, Executive in Charge and Joe Harrell, Senior Director.

Diane details the history of the development of the service, which goes back several years.  With funding available from a generous donor,  the decision was made to create a “single place for everything that makes your heart beat, your mind expand, and your spirit explore”.  She describes the goal and mission and shares insights about the role of the Artistic Director of the project, Jorn Weisbrodt and what special talents he brings  to the new venture.

Joe Harrell speaks of the many aspects of ALL ARTS, whose online component ALLARTS.org has been in place since last summer and has already proved itself a major resource for those looking for content  and engagement.  An e-newsletter is also available to keep the audience up to date on everything happening in the arts.  Joe also shares how has background as an actor and singer, and lifeline afficianado of the arts has informed his current production role.

ALL ARTS is currently accessible on the Web, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram plus streaming apps on iOS and Android smartphones an tablets, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.  In the New York  Metropolitan area, it’s available from all the major cable services

Recorded at WNET’s Audio C on January 11, 2019

Audio recording and mixing:  Josh Broome

Editing:  Samantha Lobo

Additional mixing:  Gerard Collins

Producer/Host:  Tom Stewart

Executive Producer:  Daena McBride

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