WNET Up Next: “Treasures of New York”

March 24, 2017

“Treasures of New York” is an eclectic series of documentary films  exploring  the compelling history of the New York area and celebrating  some of its most vibrant cultural institutions, landmarks and personalities.    This edition  of WNET Up Next features members of the series’ creative team in conversation with Tom Stewart discussing  several upcoming “Treasures”.   Executive Producer Diane Masciale, who also serves as  Vice-President & General Manager of WLIW/21,  outlines the history of the program and  describes an upcoming episode devoted to the  “The Museum of the City of New York” (airing on WLIW/21  May 4th at 8:00PM and on Thirteen/WNET Sunday May 7th at 7:00PM).     Senior Producer Ally Gimbel talks about her role with the show and  takes us inside the production of   “The Drama League” (airing on WLIW/21  March 23rd at 8:00PM and on Thirteen/WNET March 26th at 7:00PM) and the “US Open.”    Producer Marisa Wong previews  “Rails to Trails”, while  Associate Producer Sasha Schechter takes a look behind the scenes of  Staten Island’s “St. George Theater”,  both  shows airing later this year.

“Treasures of New York” has produced over 30 original episodes over the past five years, and is slated to bring eleven new episodes to air this year.  The program,  a production of WLIW/21,  is also seen on Thirteen/WNET.  A new series, “Treasures of New Jersey” is slated to begin production this year, following in the successful path of “Treasures of New York.”  


Recorded at WNET  Audio C on March 16th and 17th, 2017

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