WNET Up Next: “The Talk – Race in America”, Part Two with Director Sam Pollard

February 16, 2017

In the second of a two part series,  WNET Up Next continues its look at the Public Media initiative “The Talk – Race in America”  featuring a conversation with award winning Director and Supervising Producer Sam Pollard.  In the first episode, we heard about “The Talk” from the perspective of Executive Producer, Julie Anderson

After outlining the meaning of the expression “the talk”,  Sam takes us behind the scenes of the two-hour film that premiered on PBS in 2017.  “The Talk – Race in America”  tells six primary stories whose common thread is the importance of the conversation that  African-American families have with their children, particularly boys, on how they should behave if confronted by police in order  to avoid tragic results. In addition, a number of celebrities tell their own stories of how this issue has afffected them in their personal experiences.

As someone who is passionate about all aspects of filmmaking, Pollard, whose extensive film career began at New York Public Television’s Channel Thirteen in the 1970’s,  tells host Tom  Stewart about the importance of documentary films that deal with stories designed to  tell truth to power. He explains why a film like this is so well suited to the goals and responsibiliities of public media and  expresses his  hope that “The Talk – Race in America”  will stimulate a massive conversation all over the country; to aid in that  effort, an extensive outreach campaign is being undertaken,  in addition to  social media efforts including Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr;   additional  content relating to the film  is  available at PBS.org/thetalk. 

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Recorded at WNET Audio C – February 1, 2017

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