WNET Up Next: Sandra Sheppard, Director & Executive Producer, Children’s and Educational Media

September 12, 2017

For many years children’s programming has been an integral  part of  PBS’  service to the public. Under  the leadership of Director & Executive Producer of Children’s and Educational Media Sandra Sheppard,  WNET  has  for many years been  one of the system’s leading providers of content designed to serve children, teachers and parents

On this episode of WNET Up Next Sandra shares with Tom Stewart her thoughts on the history and mission of her area, as well as what it takes to get a program on the air.  Currently,  WNET is involved in the production of a number of production strands including Cyberchase, Bob the Builder, Thomas and Friends, Oh, Noah!,  Mission US and Films By Kids.

The initiatives vary  from broadcast to online, including apps and interactive games. Bob the Builder and Thomas and Friends are both long running series which serve younger children; Cyberchase, a pioneering animated multimedia series that teaches math and problem solving skills was created at WNET and has been a proven success for more than fifteen  years. Oh, Noah! has a focus on language, while Mission US is devoted to history.  Films By Kids, as the title suggests is a series of films made by children around the world.

A self-described “lifer” in public media, Sandra also shares the challenges and rewards that come with her work.  She is particularly proud of the proven educational impact of her projects and their positive effect on young viewers.


Recorded August 16, 2017 at WNET Audio C

Audio Recording and Post Production – Jonathan Berman

Producer/Host –  Tom Stewart

Executive Producer –  Daena McBride

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