WNET Up Next: Encore: Nina Chaudry, Producer of Time For School: 2003-2016

March 2, 2018

This episode of WNET Up Next is an Encore of an episode first heard in in 2016:

Time for School: 2003-2016, produced,  directed and co-written by Nina Chaudry, puts a human face on the issue of education for millions of children in developing countries.  The film shines a light on this issue by telling the stories of five children:  Nanavi in Benin; Jefferson in Brazil; Neeraj in Indea;  Joab in Kenya and Shugafa in Afghnistan.  We trace their lives from five-year olds entering school in 2003 to the time of what should be their high school graduations.

The film was inspired by the Millennium Development Goal of “Education for All”,  a promise made by 189 nations to the United Nations in 2000, namely to provide every child around the world with a basic education by the year 2015.   Though progress has been made, there are still 58 million children not attending school worldwide.

In her conversation with Tom Stewart, Nina takes us behind the scenes of the production including the financial and cultural challenges that the filmmakers met along the way .  She also shares her passion for storytelling  and the ability this project provided  to follow the children as well as their families  and teachers over a twelve year period.

The film was originally broadcast in the autumn of 2016 and is being re-broadcast  on WNET Thirteen on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 at 9:30PM

It can also be viewed on the PBS website, PBS.org.

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Interview recorded August 31, 2016 and repackaged on March 2, 2018