WNET Up Next: Jack Ford, Host of MetroFocus

January 22, 2018

In the final episode of a three part series devoted to the hosts of MetroFocus, WNET’s daily news and interview program, WNET Up Next’s Tom Stewart sits down with Jack Ford, whose earlier career as a trial lawyer and a law professor provided him with an exceptional avenue of training for the world of broadcast journalism.

Jack was “discovered” after being interviewed about a court case by WCBS-TV in New York.  That occasion  led to his becoming a legal analyst for the station and, in turn, to many additional  assignments in cable and network news. His current work with MetroFocus has turned out to be “one of the great joys” of his career: he relishes the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with his guests. He also has high praise for the MetroFocus production team,  considering them to be among the best in the industry, passionately  invested in promoting the mission and high standards of public media. In a world where news is now disseminated 24-7 over the air and online, he feels that MetroFocus, has a very special and important role to play in providing background and context, truly “media with impact”.

MetroFocus is seen daily on Thirteen, WLIW21, and also airs on NJTV. It’s available online at MetroFocus.org and on the MetroFocus app for mobile devices. The MetroFocus podcast is a recent addition to their platforms.

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Recorded at WNET Audio C – December 7th, 2017

Audio Recording and Mixing – Jon Berman

Post-Production Assistant – Dylan deJongh

Host/Producer – Tom Stewart

Executive Producer – Daena McBride