WNET Up Next: “The Armor of Light” Discussion at Schomburg Center

May 10, 2016

WNET, in association with Independent Lens and Fork Films,  recently hosted a screening and followup discussion of “The Armor of Light” at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City.  The film,  the directorial debut of activist and filmmaker Abigail Disney,  follows Evangelical pastor and anti-abortion activist Rev. Rob Schenck as he questions the morality and inconsistency of being at the same time both  “pro life” and “pro gun”.    It also profiles Lucy McBath, the mother of an unarmed teenager whose life was taken  in a “stand your ground” shooting in Florida.

Jack Ford, of WNET’s MetroFocus  moderated a discussion of the film’s issues with Ms. Disney, Rev. Schenck and Ms. McBath with the additional participation of Rev. A.R. Bernard of the Christian Cultural Center of New York and New York City Civil Service Commissioner Rudy Washington.

The conversation was recorded by the WNET Community Relations Department.