Dance Excerpts

Carra Gonzalez and Osnel Delgado were paired for some of the most romantic duets in Horizons. Here they’re performing a piece of the dance on a busy sidewalk in downtown Havana. We loved the nonchalant reactions from passersby.


This is the beginning of Horizons. Pedro said his vision was to start with something very compact and then let it open dramatically. The image Pedro had in mind was a giant bird taking flight, but we saw ocean waves, too – and birth imagery.


Dancer Yaday Ponce dances on Avenue de los Presidentes in the Vedado section of Havana. Yaday is representing Yemaya, the goddess of the sea in the Yoruba religion (the Cuban version of Yoruba is often called Santeria). The role was especially meaningful for her because she practices Yoruba.


Yosmell Calderon’s solo had a very different feel than the rest of the dance, so we gave the shooting a different feel too.

Director of Photography Rich White with Additional Video by Alex Lowther