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A Year of Change: Leadership in the Principal's Office
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Making The Grade: Is Education Reform Working in NYC?
This in-depth, three part series examines Mayor Bloomberg's educational reform program and asks if it has made a positive impact on the city's public schools.

Inside Leadership
An outgrowth of the award-winning documentary series "A Year of Change: Leadership in the Principal's Office", INSIDE LEADERSHIP uses video vignettes to convey cutting edge thinking on what it takes to be an effective and successful school leader.

Education Reform
NYV interviews Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and New York University professor Diane Ravitch, one of his most outspoken critics.

Back to Basics
A public school teacher reflects on the recent overhaul at the Board of Education.

New Curriculum
Public school teachers take a crash course in the new standard programs for reading and math.

Back to School
Parents discuss their hopes and fears about the new curriculum on the first day of school.

A look at an innovative program that teaches real world strategy through chess.

Online resources

New York City Leadership Academy

The official Web site of the NYC Leadership Academy.

New York City Department of Education (DOE)

The New York City Department of Education's Web site contains a large collection of resources covering many aspects of NYC's school system.

NYC DOE: The Children First Reform Agenda

A broad overview and FAQ about "Children First" presented by the New York City Department of Education.

NYC DOE: "Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg And Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein Announce Sweeping Initiatives To Promote Principal Leadership And Accountability In Schools"

This December 11, 2002, press release details the city's plans for strengthening leadership within NYC's schools and the creation of the Leadership Academy.

NYC DOE: Schools Statistical Summaries

Information on enrollment, recent testing results, staff positions and more.

Advocates For Children's Independent Guide to NYC Public Schools' Reorganization - 2004 (PDF)

This document maps out the new organizational structure of NYC's schools and provides "who's who" listings of various administrative staffs. The Independent Guide to New York City Public Schools brings together a group of committed public school parents, children's advocates, journalists and teachers dedicated to improving public education in New York City.

EDUCATION UPDATE: "77 Survivors Are NYC's Newest Principals" by Dorothy Davis

THE NEW YORK TIMES: "Taught to Be Principals, and Now Facing the Test" by Elissa Gootman

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: "Principal School Flunks Finance" by Joe Williams

THE NEW YORK TIMES: "Who's in School This Summer? 90 Aspiring Principals, That's Who" by David M. Herszenhorn

T+D MAGAZINE: "At C-Level: A Conversation With Robert E. Knowling Jr., CEO of the NYC Leadership Academy" (PDF)

THE VILLAGE VOICE: "The Puppet Chancellor" by Nat Hentoff

THE VILLAGE VOICE: "The Best of Bloomberg's School Reform" by Wayne Barrett

THE VILLAGE VOICE: "The Underside of Bloomberg's School Reform" by Wayne Barrett

EDUCATION WEEK: "N.Y.C. Mayor Gains Control Over Schools" by Catherine Gewertz

This article details some of the major changes to New York City's educational system contained in the State's 2002 school-governance bill.

BUSINESS WEEK: "Can Business Save New York City Schools?" by Mike France

A look at some of the challenges confronting Mayor Bloomberg's reform efforts as seen from a business perspective.

CITY JOURNAL: "Tragedy Looms for Gotham's School Reform" by Sol Stern

This in-depth article by Sol Stern, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, takes a critical look at Chancellor Klein's curricula choices.


The online companion site to this four-part PBS series chronicles the development of America's public education system from the late 1770s to the 21st century.


LEARNING CURVE, produced by WLIW21 Public Television, presents "town hall meeting" broadcasts that explore issues important to New York's schools.

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