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A Year of Change: Leadership in the Principal's Office
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What is the Leadership Academy all about?

In this groundbreaking documentary series, NEW YORK VOICES goes behind-the-scenes to follow three aspiring principals enrolled in the New York City Leadership Academy as they find out if they have what it takes to run a New York City public school.

The Episodes:
Part V: The Second Year Video

Part V: The Second Year
This one-hour documentary surveys the challenges and successes Larry, Alexandra, and Rafaela have experienced from their first days at the Leadership Academy through the conclusion of their first year as principals.

Part IV: Measuring Success Video

Part IV: Measuring Success
Larry, Alexandra, and Rafaela look back at their first year on the job. Are they transforming the system, or is the system transforming them?

Part III: Imparting Values Video

Part III: Imparting Values
As they reach the midpoint of their first academic years, the three principals work to continue fostering a culture of change within their schools.

Part II: Into the Classroom Video

Part II: Into the Classroom
NEW YORK VOICES follows the three new principals as they deal with safety issues, curriculum balance, and conflict with teachers during their first semester on the job.

Part 1: The First Year Video

Part I: The First Year
This hour-long program follows aspiring principals Rafaela, Larry, and Alexandra from the beginning of their training at the Leadership Academy to their first days running their own schools.

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Funding for this project has been provided by:

The Wallace Foundation

About the Wallace Foundation

The Wallace Foundation is an independent, national private foundation established by DeWitt and Lila Acheson Wallace, the founders of The Reader's Digest Association. Its mission is to enable institutions to expand learning and enrichment opportunities for all people. It does this by supporting and sharing effective ideas and practices.

To achieve this mission, The Wallace Foundation has three objectives:
  • Strengthen education leadership to improve student achievement

  • Improve after-school learning opportunities

  • Expand participation in arts and culture.

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Inside Leadership encourages new and aspiring principals to consider some of the key issues facing school leaders today.

How do principals strike the right balance between instructional leadership and day-to-day management tasks? How do they handle the overwhelming responsibilities that come with the principalship? What is the most effective way to provide feedback to a teacher after an observation? These are just some of the questions that are brought to life at Thirteen Ed Online's Inside Leadership Web site. An outgrowth of the award-winning documentary series "A Year of Change: Leadership in the Principal's Office", Inside Leadership uses video vignettes to convey cutting edge thinking on what it takes to be an effective and successful school leader.

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