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The All Stars

The All Stars Project is a non-profit organization that works to change the lives of inner city kids by helping them build bridges to the working world through theater and performance. The program teaches kids to enter the working world as if they were walking onto a new stage. As All Stars' President Gabrielle Kurlander told NEW YORK VOICES' John DeNatale, "We use performance as an approach. So we say to young people, you can be on a stage down on Wall Street, let's go visit the CEO of Ernst & Young, and you are going to give a performance when you walk into this skyscraper that you've never given before."

Performance also allows kids to expand the way they think about themselves, which can in turn lead to new opportunities. As the program's co-founder Dr. Lenora Fulani, puts it, "What performance does is it gives young people the opportunity to break out of what they often time perceive as their identities, as who they are. They are talking to white people from Wall Street and interacting in a way with the social process that gives them some sense of their position in the process, and what they might be able to do to change their position."

Visit the All Stars Project website for more information.
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