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Lessons of September

Lessons of September
In the aftermath of September 11th, NEW YORK VOICES spent four months at Brooklyn's Poly Prep school, which lost ten alumni in the World Trade Center, while a recent graduate lost his father, a teacher lost her brother, and a current student lost her aunt.

Lessons of September includes no graphic footage of the towers falling or of any of the day's physical devastation. Instead, the documentary relies on interviews with surviving family members, teachers who remember the victims, and Poly Prep students themselves to present a spectrum of the different ways grief manifests itself, and the creative outlets that helped the community deal with its tremendous sense of loss. A memorial garden planted on the grounds of the school provides mourners with a special haven.
Lessons of September
Teens speak about the way they've felt and the things they've learned over the past 12 months. Portraits of the school's September 11th victims are added to the wall on which the images of Poly Prep war casualties have been hung for nearly a century. High school seniors are awarded scholarships established in the names of those who died in the attacks.

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Lessons of September
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A Permanent Mark
A Permanent Mark

Firefighters from far and wide have been making their way to a tattoo parlor in Staten Island to get an official FDNY memorial tattoo.

Photo of John Fager with student
Back to Basics
A self-described "pain-in-the-side" of the Board of Education, John Fager is optimistic about the future of the public education system in New York.

Photo of Dr. Goldschmidt
Emergency Plan
NYU Downtown Hospital was the closest medical facility to the World Trade Center, and on September 11 its tiny emergency room treated more than five hundred patients.

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