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election 2002
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Photo of New York residents

Would you be in favor of a tax increase for education?

Education Week gives New York State high rankings for the amount money it devotes to education, but it gets a D+ for "resource equity," which refers to how that money is divided between districts.

Read a statistical profile of the state's public schools.

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the candidates respond
"We have to have smaller classes... we've to go have pre-K programs... we have to bring about parental involvement... We can pay for [an additional $8 billion for education] without any increase in taxes." Photo of Carl McCall
H. Carl McCall (D)

"Because something is not going as well as we might expect it to, to throw more money at it is not generally the right thing to do." Photo of Tom Golisano
Tom Golisano (I)

"This year New York public schools will get $4.9 billion more from the State of New York than they did seven years ago -- record increases so that we can put the resources into the classroom."
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Photo of Tom Golisano
George Pataki (R)

the experts respond
"No matter how much money we seem to pour into [education], it seems like Soviet agriculture... Real spending on education has risen about 50% in the last twenty years, to no effect." Photo of Fred Siegel
Fred Siegel
Historian and Political Analyst

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