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Act Up: Two students rally their peers to act in the face of impending war.

Albany Budget Dealing What are the latest twists in 2008's state budget?

The Battle for Brooklyn Rafael Pi Roman looks at the bitter fight over the Atlantic Yards plan, including interviews with City Council Member Letitia James, and Empire State Development Chairman Charles Gargano.

The Battle Over Nonpartisan Elections: NYV examines the merits of a proposal that could transform the workings of city government.

Can We Solve Homelessness?: A look at the mayor's radical new plan to change the way the city deals with homelessness.

Convention Journal: NEW YORK VOICES covers the 2004 Republican National Convention inside and out and conducts an exclusive interview with veteran journalist Jim Lehrer.

David Paterson:New York’s first African American lieutenant governor.

Detainees: A Brooklyn activist protests against incarcerating illegal immigrants.

Fixing Albany: Rafael Pi Roman interviews Suzanne Novak of NYU's Brennan Center and Former State Senator Seymour Lachman about legislative dysfunction in Albany.

Fixing Foster Care: Restructuring the child welfare system in New York City.

Featured Voice: Nat Hentoff For many years journalist Nat Hentoff has been a consistent voice in support of freedom and civil liberty.

The Liberians of Staten Island: Thousands of war refugees are caught between two worlds.

The Mexicans of Port Richmond: The story of Lupe, Emma, Leonardo, and a Staten Island community of mostly undocumented Mexican immigrants.

New York Comes Back: A retrospective on the Ed Koch Years at the Museum of the City of New York.

New Yorkers on War and Peace: Editors, clergymen, activists, and academics reflect on the possibility of going to war with Iraq during the holiday season.

Out in New York: A half-hour look at gay culture and the battle for same-sex marriage in New York State.

Post-Election Round Up: What will the 2004 reelection of President George W. Bush mean for the country, and especially New York, the bluest of cities in a very blue state?

Power Shift: An upstate and downstate look at the power shift in Albany following the inauguration of David Paterson as New York's fifty-fifth governor.

Science in the City: Can New York become a world leader in biotechnology and science education?

Smoking in the City: Will the forces of clean healthy living triumph over a long history filled with such romantic symbols as film noir detectives, political revolutionaries, and city room reporters?

The Smoking Ban: A Year Later: Has the smoking ban really hurt New York bars?

Star Power and the Campaign: A look at some of the unique ways artists and entertainers are using their star power to influence politics.

Term Limits: Unintended Consequences?: In 1993, New Yorkers voted to limit city office holders to no more than two terms in office. Have these term limits been a success?

Top Cop: Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on the city's falling crime rate, and the NYPD's counter-terrorism program.

Tackling Poverty: The mayor lays out a new approach to reducing poverty.

Traffic Unsnarled: Is the plan to charge drivers $8 to enter Manhattan on the road to passage?

Upstate / Downstate: Channel Thirteen/WNET and WXXI in Rochester team up to cover the 2002 governor's race.

West Side Story: The battle over the proposed plan to build a stadium complex on Manhattan's West Side.