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September 11: Confronting Disaster

Clearing the Air NY Voices' coverage of the fifth anniversary of 9/11 continues with an in-depth look at the health problems of the firefighters, police officers, and cleanup workers who were exposed to the environmental toxins at ground zero.

Emergency Plan: A tiny hospital rises to the occasion.

A Farewell to Ground Zero: Construction workers share their emotions about the site.

Harbor Heroes: Ferrymen jump to the aid of their city.

Helping Hand: Visiting nurses care for downtown residents in needs.

Measuring the Impact: Top management consultants gauge the city's economy.

September 11: Remembering the Victims

Getting Through: A devastated ladder company copes with its loss.

Healing Totem: Sharing a legacy of grief.

Lessons of September: A documentary look at the year in the life of a Brooklyn private school that lost 13 members of its community on September 11th.

A Permanent Mark: Firefighters honor those lost in the line of duty.

Remembering 9/11: New Yorkers reflect on the third anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks.

Tribute: The story behind the twin blue beams of light that lifted the spirits of New Yorkers.

To Value a Life: Gay partners fight for recognition.

Whose Memorial Is It?: NYV looks at the competing constituencies and agendas in the World Trade Center Site Memorial Design Competition.

A Widow's Walk: Marian Fontana, who lost her husband Dave on September 11th, looks back at the first year after the attack.

September 11: the City Responds

Assessing the City: Has being a New Yorker changed since September 11?

Celebrating Diversity: Over three thousand children contribute to a cityscape of self-portraits.

City of Inspiration: A special concert to benefit the arts.

Coming Together to Heal: Volunteers create memorial daffodil gardens throughout the city.

Empire Lights: A bright glow over an altered skyline.

Healing Images: Comic book artists depict real life terror.

Impact on a Generation: College students talk about September 11.

Naturalization: An old ritual takes on new meaning.

Teaching Tolerance: An Arab New Yorker brings together her community.