February 07, 2018 at 5:30 am

NYCHA is back in the hot seat as its tenants are in a deep freeze. The embattled agency is facing the battle cry of more than 50 lawmakers who are urging the city Housing Authority to declare a winter emergency to speed up fixing busted boilers. Will it work? One of the voices leading the charge, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is here. For senior citizens who can no longer socialize, loneliness is more than a matter of happiness. One New York-based company has found a solution to address the problem by offering seniors a place to connect, learn and play online, using virtual reality to make real friends. David Dring, executive director of Selfhelp Innovations, is here with your tour of Selfhelp Virtual Senior Center (VSC). Could chocolate go extinct? As part of “Peril and Promise: The Challenge of Climate Change,” the multi-platform public media initiative reporting on the human impact of climate change, we explore how global climate change is effecting the regions where some of our favorite foods grow. Becca Benner, New York State science director at The Nature Conservancy, joins us to explain. “The Gilded Age,” a new documentary from PBS’ American Experience series, illustrates one of the most convulsive and transformative eras in American history. The film introduces viewers to the titans and barrens of the glittering late 19th century, whose materialistic extravagance contrasted harshly with the poverty of the struggling workers who challenged them. Sarah Colt, the director of the film, is here to talk about the time when the richest 4,000 families in America possessed nearly as much wealth as the rest of the country combined, and how these vast disparities between them sparked debates still raging today.

Aired on February 6, 2018.