February 06, 2018 at 5:30 am

Dueling Russian memos look at the inner workings of the FBI’s investigation. Mayor Bill de Blasio faces tough questions in Albany about the New York City’s deteriorating subway system. And another possible government shutdown is just days away. Metro Papers columnist, Ellis Henican, is here with the latest. A new PBS series “We’ll Meet Again,” explores significant historic events that have shaped America and its citizens, capturing the stories of people and documenting their dramatic reunions. The new documentary series is reported and executive produced by award-winning journalist Ann Curry. Curry joins us to share her own family reunion story and preview the series. Did you know that jazz legend John Coltrane lived and created the musical masterpiece “A Love Supreme” in Long Island? Find out what’s being done to restore Coltrane’s historic Dix Hills home and how you can help rebuild it.

Aired on February 5, 2018.