February 14, 2018 at 5:30 am

As the President seeks $23 billion for a border wall and increased immigration enforcement Frontline investigates the surge of brutal violence that they say has become a focal point of the President’s rhetoric on immigration. And for the immigrant teens caught in the gang crackdown, will they have due process or will justice be long overdue? Producer and director of PBS’s new special “The Gang Crackdown” is here with a preview. The first terror attack on U.S. soil. The story behind the mostly forgotten 1920 bombing on Wall Street that left 38 people dead, the tragedy remains unsolved today. PBS’s “American Experience: The Bombing of Wall Street” explores the radical movement that led to it. February is low vision awareness month. Our Maddie Orton takes us to a music school on the Upper West Side where vision impairment is no obstacle for these budding musicians.

Aired on February 13, 2018.