December 08, 2017 at 5:30 am

The House of Representatives rejected a resolution to impeach President Trump. The resolution introduced by Rep. Al Green (D-Tex.) cited a litany of offenses, but was voted down by a 364-58 margin, with many members of the Democratic Party voting against Trump’s impeachment. But, can the charges stick? And can the President be found guilty of obstruction of Justice? Legal analyst and host of WNYC’s “All Things Considered,” Jami Floyd, addresses our questions. Two New York organizations have teamed up to honor one of the Big Apple’s biggest treasures, our libraries. We’re joined by Julie Sandorf, president, Charles H. Revson Foundation, and Manuel Martinez, branch manager, Allerton Library, to talk about the “Oscars of Libraries.” Ron Chernow, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of “Washington: A Life” and “Alexander Hamilton,” sets his literary sites on Ulysses S. Grant.  His latest book “Grant,” paints a portrait of one of America’s most compelling generals and presidents. Chernow joins us to expound on his book and the widely misunderstood 18th president.

Aired on December 7, 2017.