October 20, 2017 at 5:30 am

Legendary Jets quarterback Joe Namath joins us to discuss topics ranging from taking a knee and protesting on the field to the silent killer affecting our former football greats. Gretchen Carlson exposed the secret world of workplace sexual harassment before Harvey Weinstein dominated global headlines, and in doing so, she took down one of the biggest media titans in the world.  In the process, she  became a voice for every woman to be fierce!  Once beloved, then forgotten, it sat like the borough it resides in, an oft-afterthought.  Now the St. George Theatre in Staten Island is truly a “Treasure of New York,” as is the family who gave life to this once dilapidated landmark.  We’ve got your glimpse inside it’s majesty. The Chelsea Film Festival showcases 90 films with one underlying theme:  to make the world a better place through cinema.  Can they succeed?  Find out!

Aired on October 19, 2017.