October 27, 2017 at 5:30 am

Sex, power, and harassment in the media. Two heavy weight titans fall amidst allegations of severe misconduct, the list of their female accusers grows while other famous men in media are called out for the same. Legal expert and media watchdog Dan Abrams examines what seems to be a pandemic of abuse and corporate irresponsibility. We’ve waited decades to find out what was held in long classified JFK assassination documents considered too sensitive for public consumption. The secrets they may contain broken down by the man many consider to have written the definitive book on the subject. “Case Closed” author, Gerald Posner will join us for analysis.  From the stage to the screen and all causes in between that are near and dear to her, actress and activist Judith Light brings her warmth, energy, and insight into everything she does. She’ll be here to share.

Aired on October 26, 2017.