October 12, 2017 at 5:30 am

Sparks flew at last night’s Mayoral debate as Bill de Blasio fought City Hall hopefuls Nicole Malliotakis and Bo Dietl in a bare knuckles debate, but did it change any minds?  We’ll have the full report with WNYC’s City Hall reporter, Brigid Bergin. Once a victim, now he’s a leading voice for equality and for caution.  On “National Coming Out Day,” Zeke Thomas, the son of NBA legend Isiah Thomas, shares his story of self-acceptance. There is nothing crazy about them.  Foxes are smarter than we think and more adaptable then imagined.  Find out how their lives are intermingling with ours. He is “Rock and Roll Royalty” and “An American Patriot.”  “Soul Man” Sam Moore is on a mission to unite the country he loves.  He’s here with his plan.