October 11, 2017 at 5:30 am

Days after the disgraced former studio head and Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein was fired from his own company, the list of sexual harassment claims against him grows and the message it’s sending reverberates, not just in New York and Hollywood, but in homes across America.  We’ll hear from one of the women who accuses Weinstein and from Gretchen Carlson, who had to rebuff her former boss, the late FOX News CEO Roger Ailes, but shares what she experienced early in her career. The candidates for Mayor may have marched together in yesterday’s Columbus Day Parade, but tonight they’ll come face-to-face in tonight’s first New York City Mayoral debate.  What can be expected?  We’ll have analysis from Jarrett Murphy, the Executive Editor and Publisher of “City Limits.” From foster kid to hip hop pioneer, Run-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels takes us on a tour at his special sleepaway camp for kids in the system. From running the manor to running the Broadway stage, “Downton Abbey’s” Elizabeth McGovern joins us to talk about her return to the Great White Way!