September 21, 2017: TONIGHT ON METROFOCUS

September 22, 2017 at 5:00 am

Who is Mayor Bill de Blasio?  What do we really know about him even after one term?  A New York professor with unprecedented access to the city’s First Family answers those very questions in his a new book, “The Pragmatist:  Bill de Blasio’s Quest to Save the Soul of New York.”  He’ll join us for an exclusive interview. As Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s incredible Vietnam war series continues, we look at Hollywood and the films that reflected the conflict both during and after our service members came home with New York Times film critic and best-selling author A.O. Scott. A question as the Jewish Holy Week continues:  How can the elderly and disabled in our area attend services if they are homebound?  The answer:  virtually!  We’ll show you what happens when the High Holidays go high tech“The Settlement Houses”:  True “Treasures of New York” that have been providing help and opportunities to our neighbors in need for over 100 years!