September 13, 2017: TONIGHT ON METROFOCUS

September 14, 2017 at 5:30 am

Mayor Bill de Blasio was victorious in his bid against other Democrats who wanted to take his job at City Hall.  Now, he faces off against Republican candidate Nicole Malliotakis.  We’ll have the latest on the race for Mayor, including the results of the other important local races. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, turning over antiquities after it’s learned they were stolen before they arrived in their collection.  A look at the behind the scenes detective work that goes in returning these artifacts to their rightful owners. City Comptroller Scott Stringer is on a mission to ensure that diversity reigns and all people are represented in corporate board rooms.  He’ll be here to tell us his plan. The folks at “NOVA” take us on a harrowing adventure:  death dive to Saturn.