September 1, 2017: The Kitty Genovese Case, A Brother’s Search for Answers

September 01, 2017 at 6:45 pm

Previously aired on May 31, 2016. 

The year was 1964. Kitty Genovese, a 28-year-old bar manager, was on her way home from work when she was attacked, raped and murdered. Her cries rang out through a sleepy Queens neighborhood. Legend has it that as many as 38 people heard what was going on and did nothing to stop it. That story soon spread around the world, but is that what really happened? Forget what you think you know because tonight we go inside the case with Kitty’s brother, William Genovese, who has made it his personal mission to set the record straight. Genovese is now the star of a documentary about his sister’s murder called The Witness, and he stops by along with the film’s director James Solomon to talk about the case and its lasting impact on New York City.