August 26, 2017: FLIGHT 800, REVISITED

Encore: October 05, 2016

Previously aired on October 6, 2016. 

To this day it remains both one of the greatest aviation mysteries in history and a deeply personal tragedy for our area. On July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 departed from John F. Kennedy International Airport on its way to Paris, France. Twelve minutes later, the Boeing 747 jetliner exploded off the coast of Long Island and plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 230 people on board. The National Transportation Safety Board determined the plane went down after a short circuit led to an explosion onboard, but not everyone agrees with the conclusion. 20 years after the crash, News 12 Long Island went back and interviewed those involved with the case to try and figure out what exactly happened. Tonight the producer behind that report, Brad Trettien, joins us to explain what he and his team uncovered.


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