August 17, 2017 at 7:45 pm

The Simon Wiesenthal Center and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up to take on the alt-right. The organization’s founder, Rabbi Marvin Hier is here with a warning to the President to “condemn these racists.” Before you head out to watch the eclipse, buyer beware! Your solar glasses may not protect your eyes as well as you think. We’ll show you how to spot the fakes and get insider tips on how to enjoy the celestial event with a man whose chased 20 eclipses around the globe! We’ll take you inside one of Manhattan’s oldest bars that’s been making history for over 160 years serving brews to everyone from Abe Lincoln to Babe Ruth, John Lennon and even Harry Houdini.  Join us as Treasures of New York walks the rail trails across New York State from Poughkeepsie’s walkway over the Hudson down to N-Y-C!