November 9, 2016: President-Elect Trump’s Stunning Victory

Encore: November 09, 2016

It was a stunning victory that will go down as possibly the most shocking upset in the history of American politics. President-elect Donald Trump became the nation’s 45th commander-in-chief, securing just enough electoral votes this morning to defeat former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Election night was truly a New York affair, with both candidates spending the evening watching the results in New York City. The race was called overnight and by morning, Clinton supporters were anxious to hear from their candidate. She eventually surfaced, holding back tears as she admitted defeat.

The election would prove to be a clean sweep for Trump and the GOP, which retained control of both Congressional houses. So how did President-elect Trump and Republicans pull this off? Joining us tonight with answers is veteran journalist and contributor to Politico as well as our own PBS NewsHour Weekend — Jeff Greenfield.

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