November 16, 2016: MetroFocus Investigative Report: Inside Heroin Island. Erica Jong: A Feminist Voice For Today. A Century of Music and Memories.

November 17, 2016 at 5:15 am

Tonight, Staten Island is ground zero for heroin addiction in New York City. So far, the island alone has seen over 70 suspected heroin related deaths this year. We investigate this growing opioid problem on “Heroin Island” with Staten Island District Attorney Michael E. McMahon, who has made combating this crisis a central focus for his office.

Then, with Donald Trump’s unexpected upset victory over Hillary Clinton, there is now a sense of urgency among many Americans to fight for gender equality, regardless of class or race. That fight for women’s freedom is something author Erica Jong has advocated for throughout her long writing career, from her groundbreaking first book Fear of Flying to her recent novel Fear of Dying. Erica Jong joins us to share her thoughts on the factors that truly lead to women’s liberation.

Finally, it’s the story of groundbreaking music-making you don’t want to miss. A new 8-episode PBS series, SOUNDBREAKING: STORIES FROM THE CUTTING EDGE OF RECORDED MUSIC, reveals the innovative changes in studio recording that have driven the evolution of music. Joshua Bennett, one of the series producers, and Hank Shocklee, record producer for the ‘80s and ‘90s hip- hop group Public Enemy join us with an inside look.