November 3, 2016: EXCLUSIVE: Long Island vs. MS-13 Gang. Bill Clinton: The First “First Gentleman?” Tectonic Theater Turns 25!

November 04, 2016 at 5:48 am

Tonight, Long Island’s gang violence epidemic continues to rage on in Brentwood as another name is added to the growing list of casualties. The skeletal remains of 18-year-old Jose Pena-Hernandez, a known gang member, were recently discovered in the woods behind the abandoned Pilgrim State Psychiatric Center. Many are beginning to worry that there are still more bodies to be found, and authorities remain on high alert as they investigate each murder and their possible connections to the notorious MS-13 gang. Tonight, in an exclusive MetroFocus interview, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Tim Sini gives us an update on the investigations.

Then, with Election Day just around the corner, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that our nation could be just days away from witnessing the ascension of our first female president. After 227 years of presidents and first ladies in the White House, many are bemused by the fact that if Hillary Clinton wins the election, that would make Bill a former president and… the nation’s first first gentleman? This thought has not escaped Gerald Weaver, an acclaimed author, political analyst, and former chief of staff in the U.S. House of Representatives. For his second novel, The First First Gentleman, Weaver wraps a love story and a thriller into one, all while providing honest and insightful commentary on the nation’s political system. Tonight, he joins us to discuss the book and the current state of politics.

Finally, Shakespeare may have said all the world’s a stage, but one theater group in particular has been using the stage to change the world since 1991. The Tectonic Theater Project has initiated dialogues on social and political issues with ground-breaking experimental plays such as The Laramie Project. As part of Tectonic’s 25th anniversary, the theater is putting on a benefit show featuring plays of the past and present. This star-studded event will be hosted by Academy Award-winning actress, Jane Fonda, and is sure to be a night to remember in the theater. Tonight, a founder of this illustrious theater, Moises Kaufman, and Emmy award-winning actor Michael Emerson, will give us a preview of the benefit and a look back at Tectonic’s ground-breaking work.


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