November 4, 2016: Bridgegate Verdict: GUILTY! Last Jobs Report Before Elections: Who Benefits? NYC’s Marathon Man. A Voice for Change.

November 05, 2016 at 5:30 am

The verdict is in, and two former members of Governor Chris Christie’s administration were found guilty on all counts related to the 2013 Bridgegate scandal. Bill Baroni and Bridget Anne Kelly were convicted this morning for coordinating the inexplicable closure of toll lanes in New Jersey that caused massive traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge. The transit fiasco was all part of a plan to spite Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich after he pulled his support during the re-election campaign for Governor Christie during that year. After a 7-week-long trial that included 35 witnesses and used many of Baroni and Kelly’s words against them, we sit down with a political insider for New York and New Jersey and veteran journalist Ellis Henican to lay out the details on this conviction.

The last jobs report before Election Day was released this morning, and the results show positive growth across the board. So what do higher wages and lower unemployment rates mean for the polls? For some, it means that the trajectory of our current administration is headed in a good direction, and lends confidence to those who claim our economy would thrive under a Clinton presidency, but today a stumping Donald Trump said the jobs report is disastrous. We turn to The Wall Street Journal for the real takeaways and break down the findings with WSJ markets reporter, Paul Vigna.

Come Sunday, the streets of New York City will once again belong to the runners. The annual New York City Marathon gets underway this weekend with 50,000 competitors from all around the world. Some will be competing for the first time; others will be trying to beat personal bests. And while many of us would quake in our sneakers at the prospect of running 26.2 miles through all five boroughs, one man is always up for the task! At 73 years young, David Obelkevich is the only runner who can say he or she has finished the race every year since it became a five-borough affair… 40 years ago. Now, he’s determined to do it again! The retired music teacher from the Upper West Side has been getting ready for weeks, and tonight, he’ll be taking some time away from his training to join us before the big race.

This year’s Democratic National Convention was full of passionate, compelling speeches from celebrities, politicians, and one of the most powerful orations was delivered by activist Anastasia Somoza. She’s fought tirelessly for the rights of those with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. “She has invested in me. She believes in me. and in a country where 56 million Americans with disabilities so often feel invisible, Hillary Clinton sees me,” Somoza said before endorsing Hillary Clinton in front of a thunderous, supportive crowd at the DNC. But Anastasia’s work has gone far beyond the United States. In fact, this New Yorker has been around the globe to promote the rights of the disabled, and tonight, she joins us to share her inspiring message.