November 3, 2016: Bill Clinton: The First “First Gentleman?”

Encore: November 02, 2016

With Election Day just around the corner, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that our nation could be just days away from witnessing the ascension of our first female president. After 227 years of presidents and first ladies in the White House, many are bemused by the fact that if Hillary Clinton wins the election, that would make Bill a former president and… the nation’s first first gentleman? This thought has not escaped Gerald Weaver, an acclaimed author, political analyst, and former chief of staff in the U.S. House of Representatives. For his second novel, The First First Gentleman, Weaver wraps a love story and a thriller into one, all while providing honest and insightful commentary on the nation’s political system. Tonight, he joins us to discuss the book and the current state of politics.

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