October 19, 2016: The Worst Presidential Candidate Feuds. 60 Years of The Open Mind. Breast Cancer Awareness: Country Legends Band Together.

October 20, 2016 at 5:35 am

This election has been full of insults, name calling, bullying, vilification of whole factions of society, allegations of illegal cover-ups and conspiracies, threats, and lewd talk of sexual prowess and even assault. All this could leave you wondering if there has ever been another presidential race as nasty as this war for the White House being waged between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Ugly political feuds are nothing new, and tonight, historian and fellow at the James Baker Institute for Public Policy, Douglas Brinkley joins us to put the candidates’ conflict into perspective with historical face-offs that go back to the birth of our country.

60 years ago, The Open Mind made its first broadcast with its founding host, Richard D. Heffner. In the decades that followed, the PBS program encouraged non-adversarial face-to-face conversations; a far cry from the on-air confrontations that are so common in modern day political discourse. Time may have quickly come to pass, but the integrity, power, and impact of this show remains. Tonight, we explore The Open Mind‘s legacy as a platform for the early civil rights movement and look at how civility in the media has changed during this election with the current host of the show- Richard D. Heffner’s grandson, Alexander Heffner.

For pop and country duo the Bellamy Brothers, 40 years in the music industry isn’t just another milestone. It’s an opportunity to serve an awesome cause: breast cancer awareness. David and Howard are getting involved by donating a portion of the sales from their latest musical endeavor, 40 Years: The Album, to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Tonight, the Bellamy Brothers join us to discuss their fight against the disease, their legendary career, and some of their favorite New York City memories. It’s an interview you don’t want to miss!