October 7, 2016:Clinton v. Trump: Townhall Rematch. The Choice: Who Will Win Your Vote? Is the American Dream Dead? The Walking Dead at NY Comic Con.

October 08, 2016 at 5:30 am

Tonight, anticipation is mounting as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump get ready for their second presidential debate on Sunday. The rematch at Washington University in St. Louis comes almost two weeks after Clinton, the Democratic nominee, won their first showdown by consensus. Trump, the Republican nominee, was criticized for being ill-prepared and hopes to improve on that performance after working with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. But will that be enough to help him capture the second debate? Or will Clinton continue to ride the wave of momentum and emerge victorious once again? Joining us tonight with a preview are Amy Holmes, a political analyst for the polling company Rasmussen Reports, and Mike Morey, a Democratic strategist who has worked for both New York Senator Chuck Schumer and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Then, America has narrowed it down to two choices: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Both have spent decades in the public eye; Hillary as the First Lady and a political powerhouse who could hold her own in Washington and Donald as a successful business tycoon. And in little more than a month, one of them will hold one of the most powerful offices in the world, thanks to the people of this nation. A new FRONTLINE documentary coming to PBS dives into pivotal moments in each candidate’s life to paint a clearer picture of who they are. Using interviews with close friends and trusted advisors, The Choice examines the two people vying for the title of President of the United States. Producer Mike Wiser joins us to talk more about the documentary.

Next, two of the biggest issues in this year’s presidential election are rising income inequality and stagnating economic mobility. Not only that, but these issues are everyday concerns for millions of Americans who used to buy into the idea that hard work leads to prosperity. Political comedian John Fugelsang is taking a candid look at these issues in his new documentary, Dream On, where he retraces the journey of French sociologist and political theorist Alexis de Tocqueville to see if the optimistic spirit of the American Dream is as existent as it was in 1831. In this latest installment of Chasing the Dream, John Fugelsang joins us to discuss the film and his findings before it airs tonight on PBS.

Then finally, Comic Con is set to be a super event this year, and it’s not just the classic superhero fans that are turning out in droves to attend. In fact, some fans might not even look alive! The Walking Dead is invading the festivities as the cast and crew of the hit show takes over Madison Square Garden and gives fans a sneak peek of the new season premiering October 23rd. Between the zombie extras, intense makeup, special effects, and ever-changing cast, it’s clear that lots of moving parts go into the making of a number one show on television. The Walking Dead‘s Executive Producer and CEO of Skybound Entertainment David Alpert joins us with a look into the show and its new season that is sure to knock fans dead!

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