October 21, 2016: Clinton & Trump Trade Barbs at Charity Dinner. The Election: What Have We Learned? Hamilton’s America: Sneak a Peek. The Walking Dead Takeover: What’s to Come?

October 22, 2016 at 5:52 am

Tonight, each year, the Al Smith Charity Dinner takes place in New York City to raise funds to help support children in need as well as honor the memory of the Empire State’s 42nd governor, who was also the first Catholic U.S. presidential candidate. Last night, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were in attendance as speakers for the annual event, just one day after their last political debate of the season.

Although a theme promoted throughout the night was the effort to bring civility back to the national stage in politics, a theme reflective of Al Smith’s moniker “the happy warrior” a name he’s earned for his friendly style of political combat, the bad blood between this year’s presidential candidates couldn’t be ignored as each candidate quipped at each other in their respective speeches. Missed it? Don’t worry. In tonight’s Listening In, we’ll show you some of the best moments from last night’s dinner.

Then, we are only a few weeks away from what many political experts are calling an election like none other in our nation’s history. Whether or not that is true, both Democrats and Republicans seem to agree that after all of the unprecedented incivility, this election will fundamentally transform the United States regardless of who wins the presidency. But just how true are those sentiments and what have American voters learned from all the campaigning and political discourse? New York Times best-selling author and presidential scholar at The Kings College in New York City, Amity Shlaes, joins us to help answer those questions and look at the impact of past elections.

Next, you might not be able to get a ticket to the room where it happens, but tonight, PBS’ Great Performances is giving viewers a special look inside the making of Hamilton through the lens of a documentary that is kicking off the PBS Arts Fall Festival. Hamilton’s America, directed by Alex Horwitz, follows Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the cast as this megahit musical rose from humble beginnings and went on to become a Broadway phenomenon – winning 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy, and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for drama. Director Alex Horowitz joins us on MetroFocus to share a sneak peek of this much-anticipated documentary before it airs tonight at 9 p.m. on PBS.

Finally, this Sunday, AMC’s The Walking Dead picks up where it left off last season with one of television’s biggest cliffhangers. Which character got brained by the show’s new villain, Negan, in last season’s finale? We went in search of an answer and found it at New York Comic Con, where The Walking Dead was the star attraction and the show’s creator and executive producer were on hand. Among all the superheroes and super-fans, MetroFocus had a chance to talk with the series creator Robert Kirkman and one of the executive producers, David Alpert, who gave us the inside scoop on what fans can expect this season.


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