October 31, 2016: A Faster Commute?

Encore: October 30, 2016

It looks like it’s full steam ahead for The Gateway Project, an infrastructure proposal that will add two new tunnels to improve rail connections between New York and New Jersey and avert what some are calling “Transportation Armageddon.” The project was recently placed on the President’s Permitting Dashboard, a process that will have any permitting needs for Gateway pushed to the front of the line. If all goes according to plan, New York Senator Chuck Schumer says that construction on the Hudson tunnel portion of the project could begin in 2019. But, is the project truly necessary? What obstacles stand in its way? And beyond that, why has it been so difficult to build and repair our nation’s infrastructure over the past few decades? Philip K. Howard, chair of Common Good, a nonpartisan coalition whose goal is to simplify government, joins us to discuss how critical The Gateway Project is for our region and the roadblocks that infrastructure projects face.

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