September 27, 2016: Trump v. Clinton: What’s Next? A More Civil Debate? Hofstra Proud & Disappointed

September 28, 2016 at 5:29 am

Tonight, as the reviews roll in on both candidates from last night’s presidential debate, many believe Hillary Clinton walked away with a clear win. Among Hillary supporters, the verdict is that Trump seemed ill-prepared next to the calm, collected Clinton. Meanwhile, former New York mayor turned Trump advisor, Rudy Giuliani, placed the blame for Trump’s shortcomings on the moderator, Lester Holt. And still, some are calling the whole thing a draw between the Democratic and GOP candidate. Tonight, political analyst for Rasmussen Reports Amy Holmes and former Newsday columnist Ellis Henican join us to break down last night’s debate, give you the highlights, and offer some insights of their own.

Next, yesterday’s presidential debate promised to be a showdown for the ages and to a large extent, it delivered, with the candidates more or less laying out their respective cases amid numerous interruptions and the occasional name-calling. But what did audiences take away from the debate? ABC News correspondent and Intelligence Squared U.S. moderator John Donvan shares results from a debate viewing party hosted by Intelligence Squared and looks at whether last night’s event was any indicator that a new format is needed for future presidential debates.

Then finally, as the news crews pack up to go home and Hofstra University attempts to resume some semblance of normal college life, we hear once again from the students themselves. It seems to be the consensus among the youth at Hofstra that though excitement and Hofstra pride is still high, students are disappointed that the candidates failed to address the issues that affect them, most importantly student debt. Tonight, students and journalists for Hofstra’s Debate TV, Michael Fuller and Megan McGuire follow up with more about the energy on campus and what their peers are taking away from the experience.

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