The International Struggle for Education

Encore: September 14, 2016

School may have started in America, but around the world, there are still children who don’t have access to what many believe is a natural right: a basic education. Back in 2000, the United Nations set out to change that with the goal that come 2015, children everywhere would have the ability to complete a full course of primary education. Over the course of the past 16 years, cameras were rolling and followed 5 children from around the globe in their pursuit to finish a basic education. Now, a film called Time for School gives us a look into the lives of Nanavi in Benin, Jefferson in Brazil, Neeraj in India, Joab in Kenya, and Shugufa in Afghanistan. Nina Chaudry, the film’s director and producer, joins us tonight to share more about the making of this documentary and discuss the harrowing experience of these individuals as they strove to finish their schooling.

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