July 1, 2016: L-Train Nightmare. LGBT Safe Schools. Brad Thor.

July 02, 2016 at 5:30 am

Every day, 225,000 commuters take the “L” train to shuttle between Brooklyn and Manhattan. But soon, they will be looking for a new way to get around. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is considering two proposals, slated to take effect in 2019 that would repair a subway tunnel badly damaged during Superstorm Sandy in 2012. One plan would call for a complete shutdown of the tube while the other would drastically reduce service on one of the city’s busiest subway lines and take twice as long to complete. Both scenarios have straphangers frustrated, questioning why the shutdown is necessary and how they will get around. Vincent Barone, transportation reporter for amNewYork, is on the story. He joins us to break down both options and tell us what a shutdown would mean for New York City.

Next, the Orlando massacre was a harrowing reminder of the legitimate safety fears that members of the LGBT community face every day. For LGBT youth, these alarming challenges of harassment, abuse, and bullying can be part of their daily lives as they go to school. Research shows that more than 81 percent of LGBT youth reported being harassed because of their sexual orientation. Now, New York City’s Department of Education has taken an important step in providing positive and supportive school environments for LGBT students. For the first time, the department is hiring an LGBT community liaison to facilitate making schools an inclusive space for these students and developing an LGBT curriculum for teachers. New York City Council Member Daniel Dromm spearheaded this initiative and he joins us tonight to talk about it.

Finally, Political commentator and #1 New York Times best-selling author Brad Thor has written over 16 books featuring Scot Haravath, a former navy seal turned espionage and counter-terrorism operative. In his latest installment to this thriller series, Foreign Agent, the story continues as Haravath goes on a journey to track down a dangerous terrorist. It’s certainly a story that bears relevance to current events, and Thor is with us today to talk about the Orlando terror attacks, his latest novel, and to speak on some controversial statements he made on the Glenn Beck Show.


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