February 9, 2016: New Hampshire. Toilet-To-Tap. NJ Pension. Christine Ebersole.

February 10, 2016 at 8:57 am

Will former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton go two-for-two and squeak past U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders? Will New York real estate mogul Donald Trump edge out U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio? We’ll discuss it all and more when MSNBC National Correspondent Joy-Ann Reid stops by to talk presidential politics ahead of the New Hampshire primary. Columbia University Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering Kartik Chandran explains how toilet water can be transformed into drinking water. New Jersey Capitol Report Host Steve Adubato explains the Garden State’s pension woes. Broadway actress and performer Christine Ebersole discusses her involvement with NJTV’s The American Songbook, which premieres Wednesday, Feb. 10.