Vietnam Vet Ron “Stray Dog” Hall and the Lasting Impacts of War

November 09, 2015 at 6:24 pm

MetroFocus contributor Mary Alice Williams talks to filmmaker Debra Granik about her film “Stray Dog.” The film airs tonight on PBS’s independent documentary film series Independent Lens and explores the everyday life and ongoing struggles of Vietnam veteran and rural Missouri biker Ron “Stray Dog” Hall.

“The goal is definitely understanding and communication. There’s no doubt,” says Granik. “To understand why Ron has certain feelings, how he views the world, understand the part of American history that he lived through, how he came of age.”

Granik met Hall in a biker church in the Ozarks, while casting for what would become her Academy Award-nominated film, “Winter’s Bone.” The film follows Hall as he accompanies thousands of bikers on a cross-country ride to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C., as he continues to wrestle with the complex legacy of fighting in Vietnam, and as he navigates his relationship with his new wife, Alicia, who recently emigrated from Mexico.


WATCH: “Stray Dog” airs Monday, November 9 at 10 p.m. on Independent Lens. For additional air times, check the Independent Lens website.