The JFK Conspiracy Continues

Encore: November 20, 2015

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated more than 50 years ago, but conspiracies about his death have not laid to rest.

A report at the time concluded Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, but a majority of Americans are unconvinced. A 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll from May of this year shows only 30 percent of respondents believe Oswald was the sole killer.

Gerald Posner, author of the 1993 best-seller “Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK,” said at first, he also wasn’t convinced.

“If you had asked me before I started the book, I would’ve thought it was a conspiracy with the mob, that’s what I always believed growing up,” Posner told MetroFocus Host Rafael Pi Roman.


Posner said Dallas club owner Jack Ruby’s fatal shooting of Oswald two days after Kennedy’s assassination appeared to him as a mob hit.

“When I went into the case, I was leaning toward the mafia, I came out thinking it was Oswald alone so I became a born-again convert to the lone assassin theory,” he said.

Posner admits that many groups and people had motivation to kill John F. Kennedy, such as the CIA or the mafia, but he says the real question is: who pulled the trigger?

“I’m convinced Oswald pulled it, the harder part for me was figuring out whether he did it for himself and some warped motivation of history or whether somebody else was directing him. That’s a much tougher question to answer. In the end, I conclude that he was doing it for his own reasons, but that’s the harder question to grapple with,” he said.

In this interview with MetroFocus, investigative journalist Posner works through the theories, discusses the role of the CIA and explains the evidence behind his conclusion.

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